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Port Distance Desktop Editionhelps you to obtain precise distances between ports, quickly and accurately estimate voyage costs and profits, and effectively manage budget records
McDistanceis a mobile edition for the voyage calculation and voyage estimation application which synchronizes budget records with the desktop edition. McDistance allows users to work anytime and anywhere via mobile devices in Android and iOS system

Voyage route data API available

Ship management company, ship operation company, ship agent, freight forwarding, port authorities, charterers can invoke voyage route data to internal OA system to achieve customized functions.
Shipping media, shipping web sites and shipping platforms can invoke voyage route data and integrate other data to launch products for specific users or members' enterprise level requirements
Social institutions, organizations or schools can invoke voyage route data for research projects, training or teaching

PortDistance desktop edition

PortDistance Desktop edition is based on the Adobe Air architecture and requires computers with Adobe Air software

Step One: Download and Install Adobe AirStep two: Download and Install PortDistance Desktop edition

Note: Some browsers will identify McDistance Desktop installation package as the .exe or .zip file after downloaded . You only need to change the suffix name to .air and open it.